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CTM Labeling Systems

CTM Labeling Systems is a leading US manufacturer of world class labeling systems. The company has a reputation for design and innovation based on decades of good ol’ American ingenuity. Whether you need to streamline your operations or simply make a name for yourself, CTM has a solution to fit your needs.

CTM has an impressive list of products that range from tabletop vial wrap labels to sophisticated automated solutions that can be used on a variety of materials and packaging. Its top-end product line includes the CTM Bottle Labeling Machine, a curved glass bottle labeler that uses a vertical trunnion roller to ensure accurate label application.

CTM also offers an auto-fold labeling solution that streamlines direct-to-consumer shipping processes. This small footprint product is a perfect fit for businesses with minimal space and a need for fast, reliable labeling. To top it off, CTM offers excellent customer support and service. Moreover, the company is headquartered in the heart of the Midwest, making it easy to provide a local home base for all your labeling needs.

A CTM Labeling Systems Top Bottom Split Conveyor is a state of the art, high speed labeling system. Powered by a single variable speed DC drive motor, this labeling machine offers an innovative, efficient, and user friendly approach to top labeling. The system is designed to withstand even the most demanding conditions. For instance, the labeling solution has a standard rate of 100 feet per minute. And it does so in style, with an integrated side frame and NEMA 4 enclosure that is also OSHA compliant.

CTM’s 3600PA Series Label Printer Applicator is a robust, high speed, thermal transfer labeler. This is a great choice for businesses that have the need to print and apply pressure sensitive labels at a moment’s notice. Also available is the Loose Loop Print and Apply Label Applicator, a nifty piece of equipment that offers the best of both worlds. The device features five, programmable labeling points, and is capable of printing, removing, and reapplying labels on both sides of a rounded product.

Other noteworthy CTM offerings include the CTM Wine Bottle Labeler, a heavy duty wine bottle labeler that uses a secured conveyor to help prevent damage to the bottle during labeling and removal. Another option is the CTM Tabletop Vial Wrap Labeling System, a streamlined solution for rounded items. Finally, CTM Labeling Systems can also be found in several other industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, and food processing. For more understanding of this article, visit this link:

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